Drowning On Air is a blog by Brian Holbrook, a terminally-ill writer who lives in the Pacific Northwest. Before he was disabled by end-stage emphysema, he was an aspiring singer-songwriter and life-long performer. After failing multiple times to qualify for lung transplant, he began to write this blog as an attempt to not only document the ravages of his rare and fatal disease, but also as a way to enshrine the life he’d lived as well as the people he’d known and loved.

All of this personal tragedy and drama has happened to have taken place during a space of time more tumultuous than any the nation –and perhaps the world– has seen in over a century. This fact has not been lost on him, and so social, political, and religious commentary features throughout the blog.

It is his hope that these small efforts may outlast him, and prove at least insightful (or even illuminating) to his future offspring if not, perhaps, inspiring to others who find themselves facing not only this perniciously cruel disease, but also these deeply troubled, divisive, and changing times.